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Flexfit Yupoong is one of the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of custom hats and caps. We customise and manufacture caps and hats for some of the world’s leading brands in streetwear, sports, action sports, golf and outdoor market. We also offer a wide range of wholesale blank caps.

Around 20 years ago, Flexfit Yupoong created and engineered the original FLEXFIT® hat. Two decades later today, we are one of the leading makers of custom hats and caps that still reflects the same original and creative spirit that our company was founded on backed by unrelenting commitment to the quality of our products – 110®Adjustables, 210 FITTED®, THE CLASSICS YUPOONG®, and of course, the original FLEXFIT®.

Making headwears is the only game we know, we are committed to our passion in raising headwear standards and to change the world – one hat at a time.

About Flexfit Yupoong

Our Mission and Values


Changing The World, One Hat at a Time. Having an unbridled passion to deliver products of greater utility and quality

Customer Service

Without our customers, we simply would not exist. Therefore, we are dedicated to meeting your standards and achieving 100% satisfaction amongst our clients.


Today, we offer products that reflect our creative spirit and unbending commitment to quality: 110® Adjustables, 210 FITTED®, THE CLASSICS YUPOONG®, and of course, the original FLEXFIT®.


From our Zero defect manufacturing process to our customer service, we know that the best brands cannot skimp out on quality. There are no shortcuts at Flexfit, and we are proud of developing the best quality headwear in the world.


Through the years, Flexfit has introduced new products that have revolutionized the headwear industry. From our famous sweatband to our cool & dry technology, we are serious about staying ahead of the curve. With heavy R&D investments, we’re constantly searching for new ideas and new product innovations that help us create greater value.


We use our best judgment to do the right thing. We maintain an honest working relationship with our clients and help improve the social fabric of the communities we are involved in. Ethical conduct is firmly rooted within our DNA and we make decisions that benefit the brand, employees, partners and society.

World Class Manufacturer and Supplier of Hats and Caps

Flexfit 110® Adjustables, Flexfit  210 FITTED®, Flexfit  THE CLASSICS YUPOONG®, and of course, the original FLEXFIT®.

The One & Only Original® Flexfit Cap

Premium Adjustable + Flexfit Technology

Premium On-Field Fitted + Flexfit Technology

Classic Adjustable Caps + 40 Years of Expertise

Our Factories

Leveraging 40 years of manufacturing expertise, Yupoong’s production lines are streamlined to reduce defects and to ensure quality standards. And last but not least, we cannot forget the people that sew, cut, mold and actually make Flexfit caps. We go above and beyond the labor laws and care for the well-being of every employee.

Flexfit Yupoong's People

Corporate Culture With a DNA.

We simply cannot put out the best products without the loyalty, diligence and talent of our employees. At Flexfit, our product is a testament to the talent and happiness of our employees.

Happy employees lead to the best products and superior service. Furthermore, the DNA of our corporate culture is rooted in diversity. We believe that a culturally diverse workplace with various backgrounds and age groups serves to stimulate creativity, discussion, and constant innovation.

Together with Mother Nature

Environmentally Sound Business Practices.

No matter how much we love what we do, in the grand scheme of things, we’re just making hats here. We know there are more important things in life, such as having a positive impact on our world. That especially holds true in regards to our environment. Taking short cuts to stretch out profits is just bad business. All of our raw materials and processes are carefully selected and monitored to ensure they are not harming our planet.

We look to tough European standards as our benchmark, as well as companies whose environmental policies we admire. So you can rest assured that our hats stand for both quality and environmentally sound business practices.

Flexfit Yupoong Caps and Hats Product Catalog

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To check out the our current offerings of quality Flexfit Yupoong products, please kindly download our Flexfit Yupoong Caps and Hats product catalog.